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How can you calculate the cost of the loss of an eye? How can you calculate the “value” of an arm crushed in a construction accident when working construction is all you have ever known? This inhumane practice is the way that workers’ compensation works. It puts a value on things where cost is truly impossible to calculate. What can you do to protect your own rights in difficult situations like these?

Lawyer Richard A. Jaffe

He is also able to help you file a Social Security Disability claim concurrently so that you are not left without an income.

Over the past 28-plus years, Mr. Jaffe has successfully assisted well over a thousand clients in obtaining benefits, appealing denied claims, fighting termination petitions and ultimately gaining control of their lives. Read testimonials from satisfied clients.

Injuries and Workers’ Compensation — Get Treatment Immediately

Did you suffer an injury to the back, neck or spine while working with patients at a hospital or working on a construction site? Did you suffer an injury to the knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow or other joint when you twisted to perform your job, or put too much weight on it throughout the workday?

It is important to seek treatment right away, even if you think they are minor. Receiving full workers’ compensation benefits requires that you show a direct connection between an accident at work and the injury. Waiting too long to seek treatment may give your employer cause to doubt your claim and deny the benefits you need. Additionally, seeking treatment for workplace injuries right away may prevent long-term damage.

Mr. Jaffe can help you no matter what type of on-the-job injury you suffered:

Occupations with a high risk of injury

Can I Sue an Employer? Get Answers — Talk to a Philadelphia On-the-Job Injury Attorney

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