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Preventing Philadelphia Injuries During Night Work

The risk of injuries is significantly higher among people who work at night, as compared with people who work during daytime hours. This discrepancy exists even after accounting for other factors that could impact the differing rates of injuries. There are many unique challenges associated with preventing injuries among people who work overnight shifts, but…

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Five Key Tips to Preventing Workplace Accidents in Philadelphia

Recently, the first new refinery built within the United States in almost four decades was finished. Construction of the refinery was a lengthy process, but surprisingly, the entire project was completed with no work injuries severe enough to cause any of the workers to make lost-time workers’ compensation claims.  More than 800 workers logged more…

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Protecting Philadelphia Employees Who Work Alone

Among the many safety tips provided to workers is the advice that employees should look out for each other. Workers who are doing their jobs together can alert each other to possible signs of danger and can seek prompt and immediate medical attention for their co-workers when something goes wrong.  Unfortunately, an attorney experienced in…

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Protecting Philadelphia Teens from Workplace Risks in Landscaping Jobs

Teens throughout Philadelphia may look for jobs in landscaping over the summer. Landscaping work is common part-time work or temporary work for teens off from school for the summer but it can also present significant risks to young people. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has prepared a comprehensive guide for teenagers who will be spending…

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Philadelphia Construction Company Fined for Hazardous Work Conditions

Electrocution is one of the “fatal four” causes of death in the construction industry. In 2013, 20.2 percent of all workplace deaths in the U.S. occurred in construction. Occupational Safety and Health Administration data revealed four primary causes: electrocution, falls, being hit by objects, and being caught in or between objects or equipment. Electrocution caused…

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Weeklong Campaign Raises Workplace Health and Safety Awareness in Philadelphia

During the first week of May, thousands of people joined together to raise awareness about workplace safety. The week was designated North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week, which is an annual campaign that involves workers and organizations doing their part to prevent injuries and accidents. Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Philadelphia know that…

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