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Our Proven Record at the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC, in Philadelphia, we focus our practice exclusively on the needs of people who cannot work because of injury or illness. Richard A. Jaffe is a former insurance defense lawyer who knows how insurance companies value work injury claims and how their attorneys prepare a defense. We have handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims, obtaining positive results for our clients. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call our office at 215-268-5740 (toll free at 866-823-6556).

Settlements and Judgments We Have Obtained

In more than a quarter of a century in practice we have won many verdicts and negotiated favorable settlements for clients, such as:

August, 2014: Richard A Jaffe settles Workers Compensation Claim for $231, 469.41

Claimant sustained a work-related injury on November 12, 1998 to his left upper extremity. Richard A. Jaffe settled his Clients entitlement to future wage loss benefits for $62,500 in 2001 which enabled the Claimant to continue to receive reasonable and necessary medical treatment for his injured left arm and hand. As a result the injured worker was able to receive excellent medical care in the nature of pain management for well over a decade thereafter. After undergoing an IME in 2014 Richard was able to negotiate a settlement of his Clients entitlement to future reasonable and necessary medical treatment for $231,469.41. By placing said monies into a “Special Needs Trust” the injured worker will continue to be eligible to receive his SSI Benefits and pay for his work-related  medical treatment for the remainder of his life; and any monies left over will go to his estate.

August 2014: Richard A Jaffe settles Workers Compensation Claim for $95,000

Claimant sustained a work-related injury to her left wrist and hand on or about December 27, 1996. Richard was able to expand the description of injury to include a major depressive disorder and chronic pain syndrome enabling his Client to secure necessary psychiatric care and pain management treatment as a result of a Judges Decision in 2008. The injured worker underwent an Impairment Rating Evaluation in 2010 and unfortunately, the Workers Compensation Judge granted the Petition to Modify Claimants benefits in 2011 resulting in a change in Claimants status from Temporarily Totally Disabled to Partially Disabled. As a result of protracted negotiations Richard was able to settle his Clients remaining entitlement to Partial Disability Benefits for $95,000 enabling her to also continue to receive ongoing reasonable and necessary medical treatment for her left wrist and chronic pain syndrome. Said Settlement shall also result in an increase in the Social Security Disability Benefits that Richard secured for her in 2004.

May, 2014:  Richard A. Jaffe settles Workers Compensation Claim for 73 year old woman for $95,000

Claimant sustained a work-related injury on August 23, 2000 to her lower back while working for the Philadelphia Housing Authority. After retaining Richards services in August, 2003 he was able to defeat two attempts by the Workers Compensation Carrier to Terminate the injured workers benefits enabling her to continue to receive her Weekly Disability Rate of $567.68. Eventually, she received Social Security “Old Age Benefits” which reduced her entitlement to Workers Compensation Benefits and in the midst of litigation once again attempting to Modify her benefits based upon an Impairment Rating Evaluation we were able to settle her Workers Compensation Claim for $95,000 along with ongoing medical treatment until the Workers Compensation Carrier fully funds a Workers Compensation Medicare Set-aside as required by CMS. This will add additional value to the injured workers Settlement.

May, 2014:  WCAB Grants Motion to Quash filed by Richard A. Jaffe

After Richard A. Jaffe was successful in securing a significant Award of Penalties for his Client as a result of the School District of Philadelphia’s refusal to “pre-authorize” treatment for her work-related shoulder injury, the Attorneys for the School District of Philadelphia filed an untimely Appeal to the Workers Compensation Appeal Board. In addition, the Defendants filed an Appeal nunc pro tunc arguing there was a breakdown in the system due to the advent of the new WCAIS computer system utilized by both the Bureau of Workers Compensation and the WCAB. Richard filed a Motion to Quash the Defendant’s Appeal and Appeal nunc pro tunc. After hearing Oral Argument from both parties and reviewing their Briefs, the WCAB issued an Opinion and Order on May 8, 2014 Granting the Motion to Quash, dismissing both Appeals filed by the School District of Philadelphia, which resulted in Affirming the significant Award of Penalties which Richard was able to secure for his client. In addition, the Claimant was finally able to secure the surgery she so desperately needed for her work-related shoulder injury.

April 2014: Richard A Jaffe settles Worker Compensation Claim for $125,000

Non-English speaking factory worker sustained a work-related injury in the nature of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome on or about 11/3/2011 which was not recognized by her employer. As a result of Richard’s efforts, her Claim Petition was ultimately granted entitling her to receive $429 per week in Workers Compensation Benefits as well as ongoing medical care and surgery to address the bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. As her condition improved we were able to settle her Workers Compensation Claim in April, 2014 for $125,000.

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