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Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyer – SSDI Overview

Pennsylvania SSDI Attorney Helping Those Who Are Unable to Work

For 28-plus years, Pennsylvania attorney Richard A. Jaffe has been representing the rights of people who have injuries or illnesses that do not allow them to work. Mr. Jaffe understands how difficult it can be to come to terms with not being able to work and participate in this aspect of American society. The Social Security Administration, however, takes a different approach.

Most people who apply for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD) are turned down the first time they apply. Many of them then give up, before even asking for a Request for Reconsideration or a hearing before a judge, which is exactly what the administration hopes for.

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Do Not Give Up. Fight for the SSD Benefits You Need!

Our law firm has been very successful in helping our clients at every stage of the Social Security Disability claims process. We offer aggressive representation from the initial application stage, to representation at hearings before administrative law judges, and appeals to the appeals council. We do not give up on a case. Our work has aided clients like these in obtaining benefits:

  • Social Security Disability benefits for people injured who are over the age of 50
  • Social Security Disability benefits for people injured who are between 18 and 49
  • Social Security Disability benefits for people who have suffered catastrophic injury, people who have auto-immune disease, nerve damage, mental illness or other injuries
  • Social Security Disability for workers injured in the workplace

We know the language that the Social Security Administration speaks; we understand how it reviews and determines disability injuries; and we can ensure that all the necessary information is provided to the administration to improve your chances of being awarded disability benefits.

Representing Injured Workers in SSD and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our law firm also represents clients in workers’ compensation claims when they have suffered workplace injuries. We can help make sure that there is no gap in your income by timing the application of your Social Security claim to complement your workers’ compensation claim timeline.

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We offer a free initial consultation with an experienced Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyer. You can get your questions answered and learn how Mr. Jaffe can help you get all the Social Security Disability benefits that you deserve with no obligation to you. We represent all clients on a contingent fee basis, which means that unless Mr. Jaffe wins your case, you pay no attorneys fee. Contact our firm today.