Petition for Termination Suspension Modification

Petitions For Termination / Suspension / Modification

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Independent Medical Exam Attorney

MailboxPetitions in the mail inform injured workers of a potential modification, suspension or termination of benefits. A company doctor hired to perform an independent medical exam (IME) on an injured worker often triggers them.

After only a five-minute examination, the doctor in question may have informed the company insurer that there is nothing wrong with the worker. The company will then order the worker to return to work before he or she is physically ready. Workers may also be informed that they can go back to work in a light-duty job even though their family doctor believes that they need surgery.

Did You Receive a Petition in the Mail?

Have you received a petition like this in the mail? Take action immediately to protect your rights to your benefits.

Lawyer Richard A. Jaffe has a proven track record in helping people overcome unnecessary and unwanted challenges to an already difficult situation. Seek his help right away so you do not miss your opportunity to present your case or appeal. If you do not show up to work, you could be fired and worse, lose your workers’ compensation benefits.

Philadelphia workers’ compensation petition attorney Richard Jaffe has been fighting suspension and termination notices for 28-plus years. Call 215-268-5740 or 866-823-6556 or e-mail the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC, today.

Impairment Evaluation Ratings

If you have been receiving disability for two years, you may be scheduled to undergo an impairment rating evaluation, in which your injury or disability will be given a value by a company doctor. If your impairment rating results in than less than 50 percent, you will only be entitled to receive wage loss benefits for an additional 500 weeks.

Here is one example of this:

A worker whose leg was amputated below the knee and who had a prosthetic leg began having problems with his lower back because of the way he was walking. Workers’ compensation denied all of the treatment that his physician requested to help the injured worker’s lower back. In addition, the workers’ compensation carrier tried to stop his benefits, stating that he had received all of the wage loss that he was entitled to.
Attorney Richard A. Jaffe was able to defend against the employer’s petitions. After he got the worker’s compensation added back onto his claim, the worker was entitled to an additional 275 weeks of disability. He was able receive his workers’ compensation benefits; and more importantly, the worker was able to get the medical treatment for his back he so desperately needed.

When Doctors Fail You — We Fight for You

Mr. Jaffe has heard stories like this from many injured workers: “The doctor spent five minutes, and he did not even look at my injured back, or arm, or shoulder … and then I received a petition in the mail seeking to terminate my benefits and a letter from my company ordering me to return to work. But I’m still injured and can’t return yet.”

How can doctors do this? They work for insurance companies whose job is to close out claims and get you back to work as soon as possible. Your employer has experienced legal counsel. With Mr. Jaffe, you will have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer on your side. You can even your odds.

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