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Paying BillsHave you been injured at work? Do not make the mistake of believing that the insurance carrier or their rehabilitation nurse is working on your side. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your employer is not obligated to tell you of your rights. The insurance company actually hopes that you will make bad decisions that have dire consequences on your ability to obtain medical and wage loss benefits.

You need a Philadelphia wage loss benefits attorney working for you — someone who is committed to your cause so you can be covered for loss of income due to an injury.

Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer Richard A. Jaffe has been fighting for injured workers for 28-plus years. Call 215-268-5740 or 866-823-6556 for a free initial consultation.

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To obtain wage loss benefits, you must immediately notify your employer that you got hurt. Once you have notified your employer, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Contact the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC, to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after notifying an employer of an injury. Mr. Jaffe will review your situation in a free initial consultation. He can provide you with legal advice and guidance so that you can get the appropriate compensation and medical treatment right from the start.

Have you already received a petition in the mail notifying you of a potential modification, termination or suspension of your medical and wage loss benefits? Has your ? As an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, Mr. Jaffe determines whether you are being paid the entire wage loss benefits to which you are entitled. He may also file a Petition for Review on your behalf.

Pennsylvania Attorney Fighting Your Loss of Income

Did you know that…

  • You can include a second job as income that must also be included when calculating benefits?
  • Injured workers’ wage loss benefits are regularly miscalculated, whether because of an incomplete or inaccurate reporting by employers or because the claims adjuster made the wrong calculation?
  • Even after you return to work on light duty or reduced hours, you may still be entitled to partial disability benefits?
  • You may be entitled to back pay for not receiving benefits you should have?

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer Richard Jaffe will raise these issues on your behalf. He will seek to obtain the most amount of money possible for you under the law. His goal is to help make sure you are getting proper compensation. He will fight for your rights to control decisions about your health and returning to work, and will.

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Do you need help protecting your wage loss benefits? Are you at the beginning of the workers’ compensation process? Mr. Jaffe will do everything in his power to make sure that you are getting the workers’ compensation wage loss benefits to which you are entitled by law.
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