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Ergonomics isn't enough to prevent overexertion injuries on the job

Overexertion injuries (also called musculoskeletal injuries) can be more than a nuisance for workers who regularly perform physical labor. It can result in nagging pain in the back, muscles, joints, hands, feet, and knees. According to the National Safety Council, roughly 33 percent (295,830) of all workplace injuries in 2017 were caused by overexertion. That's...

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Legal options for amputations in manufacturing

Manufacturing is essential for meeting high commercial and industrial demands. Large machines strategically cut, assemble, and packages many of the items we rely on. Working around these machines, however, can be risky. One of the most devastating injuries manufacturers sustain on the job are amputations — the loss of a body part. When a worker loses...

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Holiday season can be the most dangerous time of the year

The public can be very demanding during the holiday season. Those who work in retail stores or warehouses know how hectic things can get this time of year. Not only must employers work harder and faster to make commercial goods available to the public, but they must also work longer, more exhausting shifts. It's important...

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Sleep deprivation worksite hazards a growing problem

Researchers from Ball State University report more than one in three U.S. workers do not get enough sleep. Furthermore, they say the problem has gotten worse since 2010. A National Health Interview Survey of more than 150,000 working adults found 35.6 percent received fewer than seven hours of sleep a night in 2018, up from...

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New data shows sanitation worker deaths down from last year, but still high

Sanitation workers are an absolute necessity in Philadelphia. They keep our streets clean and remove heaps of garbage from our sidewalks and dumpsters. Their hard (and dirty) work protects the public from exposure to unsanitary conditions and toxic hazards. Being a sanitation worker, however, comes with its own set of hazards. According to a recent...

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Philadelphia attorney offers best ideas to prevent forklift accidents

You see them in every warehouse or factory. More than 1 million forklifts are used in workplaces across the United States. While they are essential for efficiency, they can be dangerous. According to an article in EHS Today, forklift-related citations are ranked as one of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) top 10 violations...

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Philadelphia attorney cautions workers on dust-related fires and explosions

Dust production is inevitable in manufacturing plants and warehouses. When proper cleaning and dust removal procedures are in place, this is usually not a cause for concern. Unfortunately, not all employers make dust removal a priority. As a result, HVAC systems and vents can be clogged and dust can be dispersed onto floors, machinery, and...

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Nobody knows how many worker deaths there have been over the last year

Exact numbers of worker deaths each year in the United States remain elusive because no government agency comprehensively tracks these fatalities, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, using details from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), recorded 5,147 fatal work injuries in 2017, down from 5,190 in 2016. OSHA covers...

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Know your rights if you’re arrested while collecting workers’ comp

The Legal Intelligencer reported that the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently ruled workers’ compensation benefits should not be denied to a Coca-Cola employee while in pretrial incarceration. Philadelphia attorney Richard Jaffe of the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe represented Carl Sadler in Sadler v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Philadelphia Coca-Cola). Sadler was injured on...

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Court: injured worker who was unable to afford bail and subsequently incarcerated can’t be denied comp benefits

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on Wednesday ordered workers’ compensation benefits to be reinstated and recalculated for a worker who served time in jail after being injured at the workplace. In 2012, Carl Sadler suffered an injury at the Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc., and later began receiving workers’ compensation benefits. In 2013, Sadler was...

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