5 Things You Must Do After Suffering a Work Related Injury.

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Certified Specialist in the Practice of Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Law*
  • Workers Compensation

    Workers' compensation attorney Richard A. Jaffe represents workers who have been injured on the job in seeking workers' compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits.

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  • Social Security Disability

    Most people who apply for Social Security Disability Benefits are turned down the first time they apply. Many give up before even asking for a Request for Reconsideration or a hearing.

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  • Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

    If only it were that easy. Many injured workers mistakenly believe that the workers’ compensation claims adjuster or the rehabilitation nurse is on their side. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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  • Injuries / At-Risk Jobs

    How can you calculate the cost of the loss of an eye? How can you calculate the "value" of an arm crushed in a construction accident when working construction is all you have ever known?

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We focus our practice entirely on the representation of people who cannot work because of injury or illness. We handle claims based on injuries suffered in the workplace, helping clients recover workers’ compensation benefits and pursuing third-party claims when appropriate. We also protect the rights of disabled people who have injuries or illnesses unrelated to work, but who are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. To learn more about the full scope of our practice, see our practice area overview page.

We offer a free initial consultation to anyone who cannot work because of illness or injury. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 215-496-9607 (toll free at 866-800-3332) to schedule a meeting.