I was out of work hurt for a few months and was having problems with the insurance company, when I found a workers compensation web-site where you can ask questions. My question was answered almost immediately by Richard. In his answer you could tell that he was well educated in the area of workers compensation.

At our first meeting I hired Richard to handle my case and I’m glad that I did. My case was different because it was originally in another state. With his help, my case is now being handled in the correct state. His expertise in his field has enabled me to receive what every injured worker is entitled too under the law.

All you can ask for when you are unfortunately injured at work is that you are treated fairly by your employer and the insurance company. Richard’s handling of my case in both petitions and court hearings has enabled that to be the case. Without him defending me that wouldn’t have happened. Also, his staff is always there to answer questions or assist in any way possible.

The insurance company will have attorneys assisting them in the legal aspects of a workers compensation claim. I am glad that Richard is defending my rights. Without him on my side the outlook would have been much different. Thanks Richard!

-Gary Martin

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