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Production Demands Put Philadelphia Worker Safety at Risk

Philadelphia workers' compensationIn every job, there are hectic moments that can lead to unsafe work conditions. Factories and manufacturing plants can face increased production schedules. Healthcare workers can face a sudden onslaught of patient emergencies. Drivers may face pressure to fit additional miles, runs, or hours into their working day.

In all these conditions, the increased demands placed upon workers can lead to safety violations, mistakes, and other conditions that make for a less safe working environment. The advice of a Philadelphia workers' compensation attorney can help injury victims access benefits and other forms of compensation for their financial losses.

Why Production Demands Are So Dangerous in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is an industry which is particularly vulnerable to the safety risks of increased production schedules. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 319 workers died in the manufacturing industry in 2016 - which, thankfully, was down from 353 fatal injuries in the industry in 2015. Even so, many owners and managers in the manufacturing industry focus solely on production and sales goals without appreciating the costs associated with worker injuries.

Loss Consultant Tim Balmer discusses the direct and indirect costs of such injuries, including medical costs, indemnity payments, lost work hours of the injured employee, increased insurance premiums, damaged inventory, production interruptions, training new employees and legal fees. He advises businesses to invest the time and money required into a company culture of safe practices in order to avoid these unnecessary costs.

Other Industries Where Production Demands Compromise Safety

Manufacturing is not, of course, the only industry in which workers face pressure to perform quickly. Emergency services such as police, fire and medical often work under strict time demands in stressful circumstances. This can increase the risk of an error or injury occurring on the job. Truck drivers are often paid by the mile as opposed to by the hour. This gives truck drivers an incentive to fit as many miles as possible into a workday, even at the expense of safety.

Some drivers will exceed the amount of driving that is allowed by federal regulations in an attempt to squeeze more miles into a day. Some transportation companies even encourage their drivers to break the rules. Whether such encouragement is tacit or overt, it can make a company legally responsible for any injuries caused by its drivers.

Injured Workers Have Legal Rights After a Workplace Accident

When a worker is injured in the course of employment, he or she has the right to be compensated for injuries and financial losses. Whether the injury was caused by a negligent coworker, increased production demands, safety violations, or other factors, the injured worker has the right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses that are attributable to the injury. Often, this is accomplished by filing a workers' compensation claim. Workers may also be able to access other sources of compensation in certain circumstances.

A Philadelphia workers' compensation attorney can help injured workers protect their rights to be compensated for all financial losses caused by a workplace injury.

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