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Burning and Scalding Injuries

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Every year, many workers suffer burning and scalding injuries on the job in a work accident. These types of injuries can be painful and disfiguring, and they may leave the worker unable to return to work for some time. The Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC in Philadelphia fights for these workers to make sure they get the workers' compensation benefits they need and deserve.

The medical treatment required for burning and scalding injuries can sometimes be extensive, and medical bills can pile up quickly. The workers' compensation system is designed to cover the costs of treatment for injured workers and provide partial wages while they can't return to work. But insurance companies often try to pay you as little as possible.

Workers in certain industries - such as restaurants, food production, manufacturing and construction - face a higher risk of burns. Thermal burns are from direct contact with heat sources - such as a flame, a hot stove, hot water, roofing tar or industrial equipment. Electrical burns are from direct contact with live electricity. Burns can also result from contact with chemicals or radiation.

The most common types of burns are:

  • First degree - The outer layer of skin is damaged; healing usually occurs in days.
  • Second degree - The outer and next layer of skin is damaged. Healing may take weeks and scarring may occur.
  • Third degree - All three layers of skin are damaged. Healing may take months; scarring occurs and skin grafts may be necessary.

Helping injured workers in Pennsylvania

Workers who suffer burns on the job are eligible for workers' compensation benefits. But the claims process can be challenging. Insurance companies may question the extent of your injuries. Employers may question whether it happened on the job. That's why you need an experienced attorney fighting for you.

Attorney Richard A. Jaffe is a Certified Specialist in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law and has handled over a thousand workers' compensation claims. He knows the tactics insurance companies use to try to minimize the benefits workers receive, and how to deal with them. That's because he used to represent insurance companies in these types of cases. Now he fights for injured workers.

If you suffered a burning or scalding injury at work, don't delay. Contact an attorney who knows the workers' compensation laws in Pennsylvania and has the experience that gets results. Learn more about how we can help you with your claim. Contact us online or call 866-800-3332 to schedule a free consultation.

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