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Explosion and Burn Injuries

Helping injured workers in Philadelphia get the benefits they need

There are many risks that construction workers face on the job, but explosions can be especially dangerous. In an instant, workers can be seriously injured. In Pennsylvania, these workers are eligible for workers' compensation benefits, but the claims process can be difficult to navigate. That's why injured workers turn to the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC.

Employers and insurance companies have lawyers to help them try to save money by minimizing benefits for injured workers. Philadelphia workers' compensation attorney Richard A. Jaffe fights for your best interests. He has handled more than a thousand workers' compensation claims throughout Pennsylvania and helped injured workers get the benefits they deserve after construction accidents.

Explosions on a construction site can result in serious burns, and workers may also suffer injuries from shrapnel. In some cases, injured workers may lose their sight or need to have a limb amputated. Sources of explosions can include:

  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Combustible liquids
  • Chemical drums
  • Construction vehicles
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Combustible dust

Injured workers may require surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy and medication. Recovery can take months, or even longer. Workers' compensation benefits are supposed to cover the costs of treating their injuries and provide them with partial wages during recovery.

But injured workers often face what seem like insurmountable obstacles when applying for benefits.

We know how to handle insurance companies

Employers and insurance companies have many tactics they use to try to minimize benefits. They question the extent of injuries, or whether certain treatment is necessary. They may even say some injuries aren't related to the explosion. Doctors chosen by the employer may pressure workers to return to the job even though they are still recovering.

Attorney Jaffe is a Certified Specialist in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Law who is familiar with these tactics and knows how to handle them. That's because he used to represent insurance companies in workers' compensation claims. He understands the importance of getting the facts, so he investigates the explosion to find out what really happened.

Then he builds a strong case that employers and insurance companies can't ignore. If your claim for benefits is denied, he will aggressively fight for you at every step of the appeals process. Many times, insurance companies are willing to negotiate when they see that attorney Jaffe is ready to fight them in court.

If you were injured in a construction site explosion, take steps to protect your rights. Attorney Jaffe will fight to get the best possible resolution of your claim, one that covers past and future medical expenses and provides you with partial wages. Learn more during a free consultation. Contact us online or call 866-800-3332.

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