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High-Risk Jobs and Workers' Compensation Claims

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Did you suffer an injury to the back, neck or spine while working with patients at a hospital or working on a construction site? Did you suffer an injury to the knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow or other joint when you twisted to perform your job, or put too much weight on it throughout the workday?

It is important to seek treatment right away, even if you think such injuries are minor. Receiving full workers' compensation benefits requires that you show a direct connection between an accident or injury at work and your resulting inability to continue working. Waiting too long to seek treatment may give your employer cause to doubt your claim and deny the benefits you need. Additionally, seeking treatment for workplace injuries right away may prevent long-term damage.

The Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC represents people from a variety of occupations, including but not limited to the following high-risk jobs:

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Utility Workers

As a utility worker, you encounter potentially dangerous conditions every day. You may work directly with or in proximity to power lines, or spend much of your time in a bucket truck or "cherry picker." You risk injury from falling objects, falls from heights, the malfunction or breakdown of tools or equipment, and even from the simple repetitive stress that performing the same task over and over can cause.

We aggressively handle job-related injury or illness claims on behalf of utility workers, including:

  • Injuries suffered because of collapsed tunnels, trenches or excavations
  • Electrical burns or other injuries caused by exposure to electrical current
  • Traumatic injuries caused by the malfunction, breakdown or negligent design of tools, equipment or machinery
  • Injuries arising out of the carelessness or negligence of coworkers
  • Illness or injury caused by exposure to toxic, caustic or hazardous substances

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The carpentry trades involve great risk of serious physical injury. Even if you work with the utmost care, the careless or negligent acts of others can cause a serious or catastrophic loss. In Pennsylvania, when you have been hurt on the job you have the right to seek wage loss and medical benefits under state law. Unfortunately, the workers' compensation process can be complex and confusing, and many legitimate claims are initially denied.

We handle all types of claims for carpenters, including cases of:

  • Injuries caused by the malfunction or breakdown of hand or power tools, such as saws, nail guns, drills, jackhammers and compressors
  • Injuries sustained in falls from heights or because of negligence related to ladders or scaffolding
  • Injuries related to exposure to electrical current
  • Injuries sustained from falling objects on a job site
  • Injuries caused by the carelessness or negligence of other workers

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Because of the dangers inherent in working with electricity and high voltage, electricians and electrical workers must go through a rigorous training program and have specific safety measures they must employ at all times. Even so, when owners, contractors and other workers on a site act carelessly or negligently, the most attentive electrical workers can still suffer injury. Unfortunately, most of the injuries sustained working in the electrical trades are serious and potentially catastrophic.

We investigate workplace injury claims arising out of any type of accident an electrical worker may have, including:

  • Electrical shock caused by contact with live power lines or sources, including cases in which others have knocked down power poles or lines
  • Burns caused by electrical arcing or flashes, or from direct contact with electrical wires
  • Injuries caused by falling objects on a construction or job site, or by falls from heights
  • Injuries sustained because of dangerous or defective tools, machines or equipment
  • Injuries caused to your neck, shoulders or arms due to repetitive trauma from prolonged working overhead.

We handle all types of serious and catastrophic loss claims, including wrongful death actions.

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Medical Workers

As a medical professional, you are frequently exposed to illness, toxic substances and other health risks. After being hurt due to one of those risks, you can seek workers' compensation benefits - but the process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Let us be your guides.

We handle all types of injury claims suffered by medical personnel, including:

  • Injuries caused by exposure to viruses, communicable diseases or other pathogens
  • Injuries sustained due to exposure to drugs, medication, radiation or hazardous or toxic substances
  • Injuries caused by the malfunction or improper design of medical equipment or devices, including needles, lasers, x-ray machines and other tools
  • Injuries suffered from moving, lifting, transporting or otherwise caring for patients

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Manufacturing Workers

In many manufacturing facilities, the risk of workplace injury can be significant. Machinery may break down. Hi-lo drivers may fail to pay attention to the presence of other workers. The simple act of performing the same motion hour after hour, day after day, month after month can lead to injuries that make it difficult or impossible for you to do your job. If you have an illness or injury caused by conditions in your workplace, you have a right to seek benefits under Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation laws.

We take claims involving all types of injuries suffered by workers in manufacturing operations, including:

  • Back, hip, knee, leg or ankle injuries suffered from lifting or carrying excessive loads
  • Sprains, strains, muscle pulls and hernias resulting from repetitive motion or lifting, or moving heavy or unwieldy items
  • Injuries caused by the malfunction or breakdown of manufacturing equipment, including conveyors, pulleys, presses, stamping machines or other mechanical devices
  • Injuries sustained in accidents involving motorized vehicles, such as hi-los, forklifts, delivery vans or trucks
  • Illness or injuries caused by exposure to toxic or hazardous substances

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Airline Employees

Working in the airline industry can seem glamorous, but it can also be a high-risk job. Baggage handlers can suffer repetitive stress, joint or soft tissue injuries from lifting or carrying heavy bags. Pilots and flight attendants may be at risk when planes encounter turbulence or when items fall from overhead compartments. Maintenance workers can incur serious and even catastrophic injuries when parts or components of an airplane malfunction.

We represent all types of airline employees who have suffered injury in the workplace, including:

  • Baggage handlers - Injuries sustained from lifting or carrying heavy or unwieldy objects, or from falling bags, as well as repetitive stress or motion injuries from loading or unloading bags on conveyors or baggage vehicles
  • Security personnel - Injuries from conveyors, security devices or items in carry-on bags
  • Flight attendants and pilots - Muscle, joint or connective tissue injury caused by turbulence, rough landings or sudden stops and starts, as well as injuries sustained from luggage in overhead bins
  • Maintenance workers - Injuries caused by exposure to electricity, malfunctioning tools or machinery and defective safety equipment (such as protective ear plugs or safety glasses)
  • Office employees - Repetitive stress injury or trauma from lifting or carrying items

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Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers play an important role in the economy. You might see a delivery truck on I-95 in Philadelphia transporting goods from out of state - whether it's food, office equipment or some other product. To keep the wheels of the economy turning, these drivers make sacrifices. They work in one of the most dangerous jobs and face a number of hazards, including the risk of traffic accidents, injuries related to loading and unloading cargo, repetitive motion injuries, heart attacks from exertion and other risks.

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC, we understand that work-related truck accidents, lifting injuries and repetitive trauma injuries are common in Philadelphia and throughout the state. Yet in many instances, a trucker's employer and its insurance company will reduce payments or prematurely deny benefits.

A traffic accident may lead to a third-party liability claim in addition to workers' compensation benefits for the truck driver. You may be able to take legal action against any party involved in the accident who was at fault, such as a speeding, drunk or distracted driver. Attorney Richard A. Jaffe can help explore your options. He and his team can investigate the cause of the injury and gather all necessary evidence to support your claim.

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