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How a Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help You

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If you get hurt at work in Pennsylvania, you might think you don't need a lawyer to represent you. All you have to do is tell your employer you were hurt on the job and Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system will take care of everything.

Unfortunately, many workplace accidents aren't so simple. Your employer might downplay the severity of your injury. So might the doctor assigned by your employer or your employer's insurance company to diagnose you. As a result, your workers' compensation benefits might be reduced, denied or terminated before you have enough time to fully recover.

Our law firm has years of experience dealing with all of these scenarios and many more. That's why we're eager to meet with you. At the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC, we know how to handle the most complex workers' compensation cases - and we know how to win. That's why we have such a strong track record of success.

What we can do for you

When you hire attorney Jaffe to represent you, you're putting the power and knowledge of one of the "best lawyers in America" to work for you. As your attorney, Richard Jaffe can help you:

  • Fill out your Pennsylvania workers' compensation form, often called a Claim Petition
  • Help you get the medical care you deserve for your workplace injury
  • Deal directly with your employer
  • Negotiate with your employer's insurance company on your behalf
  • File your Claim Petition with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers' Compensation
  • Represent you in court before a workers' comp judge if necessary
  • File an appeal with the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Appeal Board if your Claim Petition is denied
  • Appeal a denied appeals claim to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf if you're dealing with a third-party workplace injury

Working Hard For Injured Workers

You work hard every single day. If you've been hurt on the job and you're having trouble getting the workers' compensation benefits you're entitled to in Pennsylvania, schedule a free case evaluation with our law firm. We understand Pennsylvania's workers' compensation system and we want to work with you.

You deserve the time and resources you need to fully recover from your workplace injury or illness. Don't let insurance companies or your employer dictate when you have to return to work. Take a stand. Contact us.

The Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe - working hard for injured workers.

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