Wage and Hour Claims

Philly Lawyer Richard A. Jaffe Fights For Worker's Rights

Workplace injuries in Pennsylvania can prevent people from working for weeks or months while they recover. During that time, injured workers should receive workers' compensation in most cases. But sometimes, the system doesn't work the way it should.

In such cases, injured workers might be able to pursue financial compensation through a wage and hour claim. This is especially true if you or a loved one was not paid for days you did not work - even though your company legally agreed to pay you for sick time.

Workers Compensation and Wage and Hour Claims

Pennsylvania's wage and hour laws can be confusing. Different state and federal laws apply to violations of wage and hour laws in Pennsylvania. Certain professions even have their own distinct rules and regulations, including commercial truck drivers, taxi drivers and most mechanics.

In many cases, workers choose to file a lawsuit against their employer for back pay, plus court costs and other expenses. Some judges order employers to pay employees an additional 25 percent on top of the amount owed to employees.

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