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Dealing With Your Employer's Insurance Company

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In Pennsylvania, workers' compensation insurance companies ultimately determine when to offer a settlement to cover medical bills and obtain wage loss benefits after a worker is injured on-the-job. But that doesn't always mean these insurance companies have your best interests in mind. They're more concerned about the bottom line than the welfare of injured workers. When you're going through one of the most difficult periods in your life, they may try to pressure you into accepting as little money as possible.

The Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC is familiar with common insurance company tricks and tactics. Attorney Jaffe spent eight years at an insurance defense firm, where he became familiar with the way employers and their insurers deal with workers' compensation claims. It's valuable experience that he can now use to help injured workers maximize their claims.

What You Might Hear from a Workers Comp Insurance Company

Insurance companies may claim your pain or illness is from pre-existing conditions or injuries. They may try to influence you when choosing a doctor for treatment. All too often, these companies will recommend a physician for an "independent medical exam." But that doctor is often hired to downplay the severity of your injury or illness.

We don't think that's fair. Don't let insurance representatives take advantage of you or prevent you from obtaining the benefits you need. We have over 35 years' experience handling more than 1,000 claims in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania. Discover the difference the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC can make. Call us today at 866-800-3332 for a free case evaluation.

What If My Employer Doesn't Carry Workers' Compensation Insurance?

The PA Workers' Compensation Act was enacted in 1915 to avoid lawsuits against employers. The statute guaranteed that workers injured on the job would have their medical bills paid and receive wage loss benefits - even if the employer's negligence was not the cause of injury. However, workers were no longer allowed to sue their employers for extra damages relating to pain and suffering.

If your employer fails to maintain Workers' Compensation insurance, as required by Pennsylvania law, your employer is no longer immune to lawsuits. In that situation, if you sustain a work-related injury, you are able to sue your employer, but you will be required to show that your employer was negligent and caused your injuries - which is a higher burden than in a workers' compensation claim.

Sometimes your employer may argue that your injury did not happen while you were working. Such a defense may be successful in your workers' compensation claim, but it would preclude your employer from standing behind the immunity afforded by the Workers' Compensation Act in defending against a subsequent lawsuit for negligence. Accordingly, you need to contact us today to determine the best strategy in your particular case.

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