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Filing Workplace Death Claims

Attorney Richard A. Jaffe Handles Devastating On-the-Job Accidents

We know life can be turned upside down in an instant when a loved one has died on the job. You may have relied on your family member for financial support, as well as love and emotional support. In the aftermath of such a traumatic event, you want a lawyer who recognizes both the financial and the emotional losses you have suffered, and will work diligently to get all the Workers' Compensation death benefits you are entitled to receive for your losses.

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC, we take the time to listen and let you express your grief. We're ready to take an aggressive stand on your behalf while treating your case with the compassion it deserves. A workplace death claim can be linked to any number of accidents - from on-the-job car and truck accidents, to construction site accidents and long-term workplace illnesses. Whatever the circumstances, attorney Richard A. Jaffe has the experience and resources necessary to obtain the benefits your family needs.

How We Help With Fatal Accident Claims

Death benefits for fatal workplace accidents are paid to dependent survivors. Attorney Jaffe is prepared to help you fight for compensation for all losses resulting from the death of your loved one, including:

  • Loss of the financial support your loved one would have provided
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Unpaid medical expenses incurred by your loved one before death
  • Funeral, burial or cremation costs

When you hire us to help you seek compensation after the death of a loved one on the job, we will carefully and methodically prepare your case, gathering and assessing all relevant evidence, and preparing and filing the necessary paperwork to initiate and pursue your claim. We will be your liaison with employers and insurance providers, representing you in all types of meetings, hearings or proceedings.

We know that a fatal accident at work can result in a complex legal situation. It's critical to investigate all aspects of the case, including looking into possible third-party liability. In such cases, a person or company other than the deceased's employer may be liable. If this is the case, we may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in which family members may be entitled to damages in addition to Workers' Compensation benefits.

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