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Identifying Your Workplace Injury

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No matter where you work - at a construction site, an office building or a restaurant or grocery store - an injury or illness you may have could have been directly linked to your job. While some injuries, such as a broken bone or fracture, may be obvious, some work-related pain or occupational diseases may develop gradually, leaving many unsure of whether it was caused by work.

If you've held a job for a long period, it's natural to write off pain as something that's "normal" or "expected." But something as subtle as back pain, occasional dizziness, bone and joint swelling or a chronic cough may turn into something much more serious. When you suspect your health problems are directly related to your job, Workers' Compensation insurance is designed to provide medical and wage benefits while you recover from your health problems.

Examples of Common Work Injuries

You may notice you have back pain or shooting pain in your wrists and not immediately know what caused it. Maybe you're nearing the end of your shift at work or you're at home. In such cases, you may have hurt yourself at work. It's important to think about what might have caused the injury so you can begin the Workers' Compensation Claims process. The following are some of common workplace injuries that can lead to a Workers' Compensation claim:

  • Lifting injuries sustained by hospital workers, warehouse workers or construction workers who lift heavy objects every day.
  • Exposure to toxic substances such as tunnel dust, chemicals or fumes.
  • Hearing and vision loss caused by long-term exposure to poor lighting or loud noises.
  • Repetitive stress injuries due to continuous motions, such as typing or factory work.
  • Work-related car accidents that lead to neck and back injuries.
  • Electrocution accidents, with nerve damage not becoming apparent for weeks or months after accident.

The Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC understands the dramatic impact that a workplace injury can have on the lives of injured workers and loved ones. We understand, too, that it can be difficult to determine your rights if you suspect your injury occurred at work. The insurance company for your employer may argue the injury was not work-related.

We can help support your claim and protect your rights. Contact the Law Offices of Richard A. Jaffe, LLC today at 866-800-3332 to discuss your legal rights with an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

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